Industrial Emission Directive (IED) plants for more than 3 tonnes of waste per hour

For the combustion of wastes including RDF, SRF, Grade C&D waste woods, with thermal outputs from 10 – 50MW for power generation and CHP applications

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Industrial Emission Directive (IED) plants for more than 3 tonnes of waste per hour

For the combustion of wastes including RDF, SRF, Grade C&D waste woods, with thermal outputs from 10 – 50MW for power generation and CHP applications

Industrial Emission Directive (IED) plants for more than 3 tonnes of waste per hour

Tidy Planet and our partners produce bespoke decentralised power generation plants for customers wishing to process more than 25,000 tonnes per year. We will work with you to tailor a solution to your needs and can help you to turn a waste problem into an opportunity, fix costs and generate income from increasingly costly waste streams.

We can offer a full start-to-finish “waste in”, “energy out” turnkey solution, or we can work in collaboration with you on an open book basis if you have existing suppliers you wish to work with for part of the process. Throughout the project Tidy Planet will manage the installation and commission the plant on your behalf.

With systems availability and performance guarantees in place and with full post installation support and maintenance packages available, customers can be confident when investing in Tidy Planet EfW solutions.

In partnership with Sugimat Boilers and Turboden Electricity Generators, we are proud to offer our range of Energy from Waste (EfW) systems from 10,000 to 150,000 tonnes per year. Global legislation is now making the disposal of refuse derived fuel (RDF) and soil recovered fuel (SRF) increasingly difficult and expensive for waste management companies. Tidy Planet has proven systems to turn these wastes into valuable heat and electricity resources.

In addition to our standardised range of 6-12MWth Small Waste Incineration Permit (SWIP) compliant EfW systems, we have a bespoke range of WI BREF compliant solutions to suit larger business’s individual requirements.

The larger systems meet the higher efficiency requirements of the WI BREF by achieving 89% thermal efficiency in the combustion system and 29% electrical efficiency for power only systems. Additionally with the preferred Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions we meet and exceed the total energy recovery requirements.

  • WI BREF requirements apply to all systems combusting more than 3 tonnes of waste per hour.
  • The system can be configured to handle several different waste types and specifications
  • With Computer Vison Control, the system automatically controls the combustion process
  • Typical wastes – CV range 9 to 22MJ/kg with moisture up to 40% and ash content less than 30%
  • We offer vertical and horizontal boiler designs to suit different applications and size constraints. Sizes from 2.5 to 30MW in a single line.
  • The WI BREF systems occupy a site footprint of around 2.5 acres, including fuel storage silos
  • Guaranteed 8000-hour annual plant availability gives maximum output and minimum downtime
  • The Computer Vison Control system reduces manpower and increases performance
  • A range of thermal outputs from 10MW to 30MW in single and multiple line systems
  • CHP and power only systems with electrical outputs of up to 15MWe
  • Our systems offer total flexibility on the type of heat and amount of electricity generated
  • Our cost effective solutions offer Returns On Investment in less than 3 years
  • From order to operation within 24 months
  • Long term fixing of waste processing overheads and site energy costs
  • Sites processing more than 3 tonnes per hour are licensed by the Environment Agency under the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU
  • Since 2019 these systems must comply with the WI BREF requirements, as they combust more than 3 tonnes per hour fuel input
  • Follows EU/UK guidance for Best Available Technology for Waste Incineration
  • Our system is fully compliant with the UK/EU Industrial Emissions Directive


Sugimat has been manufacturing industrial boilers for solid wastes for 40 years. As specialists in thermal oil boilers and manufacturers of bespoke combustion systems to work with variable fuels, the company is ideally suited to provide waste-fuelled furnaces and boilers.

With innovation at the forefront, Sugimat can offer either the revolutionary new Horizon+ horizontal heat exchanger or conventional vertical configuration coil and battery boilers with automatic ash cleaning. Both offer a significant reduction in downtime for cleaning and enhanced energy output efficiency, by minimising problems caused by ash build up – even with fuels with up to 30% ash content.

In addition, they include the world-leading Computer Vision Control System – an automated computer-controlled process that continually monitors the flame front in the combustion process 24/7.

By constantly adapting the combustion parameters, including grate speed, fuel feed, and the air flows to the combustion chamber, the combustion process is always optimised. This is a huge advantage when working with variable quality fuels that fluctuate on an hourly basis.


Turboden has been a global leader in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems since 1980. As a group company of MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) – one of the world’s leading heavy machinery manufacturers – it has innovation and performance at its core.

The Turboden ORC system works most efficiently when using high temperature thermal oil as its heat source and offers many advantages over conventional steam turbines, including up to 29% electricity production efficiency.

The use of organic fluid rather than steam has a number of advantages. Lower rotational speeds and mechanical stresses – leading to decreased turbine and component wear and maintenance downtime – plus the avoidance of
corrosion commonly found in steam systems.

The result is a system ideally suited to high-efficiency, smaller-scale electricity production with guaranteed uptime of up to 98% and simple, reliable operation.

Gas filtration and abatement

Since 1990, Glosfume has been leading the way in Hot Gas Ceramic Filtration and Dry Scrubbing to ensure full compliance with emissions legislation. It is critical that particulate, acid gas and other pollutants are dealt with effectively and continuously to remain compliant and safe.
Our partnership with Glosfume for the abatement system ensures we not only meet emissions requirements but exceed them every time.

Fuel storage and feed systems

Tidy Planet offer a range of fuel storage solutions including the Q Toploader fuel storage system, a fully automated fuel handling system capable of storing and feeding a wide range of solid fuels, without the need for a front loader. With a proven track record of Automated handling of RDF, SRF and wood wastes amongst others, they dramatically reduce handling, labour, and running costs.

*Other feed and storage systems which meet the needs of the client are available if requested.


  • Fuel handling and storage systems with automatic feed
  • Optimised combustion and efficient heat recovery through IED-compliant boilers
  • Emissions filtration and abatement to meet stringent UK/EU legislation
  • Energy production and distribution in the form of thermal oil, steam, hot water, and electricity in any combination and at the highest efficiencies
  • Delivery, installation, integration, and commissioning of the plant

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