Injection and dust burner

Injection and dust burner combustion system

This system allows the combustion of biomass in the form of dust and fuels that behave similarly to fluids. The size of the fuel is small and it must have a low percentage of humidity. They are equipment with a medium power range and designed for intensive productive activities. These installations can work autonomously or as part of another type of furnace.

These installations are sometimes equipped with a dust burner.

Fuel types

Wood dust
MDF dust
Cork dust
Biomass dust


Automatic cleaning.
Automatic fuel loading.
High level of automation.
High combustion performance.
Fuel versatility thanks to the support burner.
High temperature combustion to reduce emissions.


Chambers designed for horizontal or vertical dust injection.
Automatic cleaning.
Support burner with fossil fuel
Possibility of combining with other combustion systems.
Cyclonic burners with concentric fuel and oxidizer inlet.
System adapted to each application.